South Hill Forest Products is a student-run business dedicated to providing high quality, all natural non-timber forest products.


Every spring semester, Professor Jason Hamilton leads a Non-Timber Forest Product (NTFP) class comprised of eager, dedicated students. The class is based around an experiential type of education that allows students to interact with the subjects they learn.  This experiential learning has its roots in the very beginnings of the company (see “History” below).  Once the students leave the class, they are well equipped to problem solve, employ communication competencies to effectively communicate with diverse audiences, act with professionalism, and to connect academic knowledge, theory, and skills to practical and experiential situations.

Throughout the semester, students learn how to keep bees, farm mushrooms, and make maple syrup. While Jason and his TAs provide a knowledge base, the majority of the work is done by the students. We pick mushrooms and harvest honey. We sell our products and organize an open house at the sugar bush. We are South Hill Forest Products.