How did South Hill Forest Products Start?
Check out our History page!

Where can I buy South Hill Forest Products?
South Hill Forest Products can be purchased here on the website, in the Center for Natural Sciences building room 282, or our open house taking place on April 23, 2017 at the Sugar Bush in the Ithaca College Natural Lands.

What is a Non-Timber Forest Product?
When people think of products sourced from the forest, they often think strictly of timber. However, the forest has much more to offer than just timber or wood fiber resources. From deep in the dirt to high in the canopy, the forest is seething with plant and animal life that can be ethically and renewably harvested for commercial value. These are known as non-timber forest products, and the variety of these products are endless, ranging from fruiting bodies, resins and oils, to roots, leaves, bark, needles, and more. The phrase “Non-Timber Forest Products” (or NTFPs) is used internationally, and is synonymous with other well-known terms such as agroforestry, secondary forest products, and wildcrafting/foraging. These terms do not represent an ecological category, but rather an economic group that encompasses forest resources that are often overlooked as legitimate sources of income.

The most common non-timber forest products can be separated into the three major categories: culinary, medicinal, and decorative. Culinary products include items such as fruits, berries, nuts, and syrups. The medicinal category encompasses any plants or plant parts that can be used and marketed as medicinal remedies or supplements. The decorative category of NTFPs includes any material that can be used for crafting—such as thick pieces of walnut bark for woodcarving, or mosses and ferns that can be utilized in floral arrangements. Unlike timber products, NTFPs typically do not degrade or exhaust the forest ecosystem. In fact, the responsible management of NTFPs can actually promote forest health and biodiversity.

How involved are the students in South Hill Forest Products?
Completely! South Hill Forest Products is entirely run by students. Students in Ithaca College enroll in the Non-Timber Forest Products class and are responsible for running the company!